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What you should do if you find a dog.

  • Assume it is lost and not a stray
  • Take photo and notify animal control in your town or county where and when the dog was found and that it is in your possession. Ask them how long you must hold the dog before you can re-home it.
  • Check dog for a microchip – county or vet will do this for no charge.
  • Put up on social media as well as flyers in the area where dog was found.
  • If you cannot hold onto the dog for the required period of time specified for your county, you MUST turn the dog over to the county. You MAY NOT re-home the dog without following the county guidelines.
  • You MUST assume it is someone’s pet and give ample opportunity to the owner to find their dog.
  • Please visit to see the following ordinances for stray animals:  Brunswick Co., Article VII, Sec 1-3-302; Sec 1-3-303; Sec 1-3-304; New Hanover Co., Article I, Sec.5-6