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Hello there! Name is Yancey, sometimes known here as fancy Yancey. Nice to meet you. I think I am a lap dog…all 61, scrumptious pounds of me. Sometimes I can look like a bull in a china shop when I get excited, but I know some basic commands, so when I get the zoomies around my humans, they tell me to ‘sit’ and I listen because I love the things they call treats. I’d love to learn more commands as long as I get lots of belly rubs as a reward and I promise to show my appreciation by giving you big sloppy kisses. Did I mention I love every single person I meet and think they are my best friend? Also, you should know I have these things called heartworms (YUCKY!) but am currently going through treatment to get rid of those icky things. YAY! I am confident, balanced, and oh so loveable.

HW: Positive

Name:Yancey (male)
Breed:Pit / Bulldog Mix
Size:61 lbs.
D.O.B:August 16, 2016
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