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My name is Neera, and I found myself at Paws Place with my brother, Oddie, when our parents realized they were not able to care for us any longer. I’ve been a little nervous since I got here, but the people here have let me and my brother stay together, which has helped me feel more comfortable. I’ve really been through a lot, but I’m eager to meet my forever family…it just might take me a little while to warm up to you. I hope you have the patience to work with me and make me feel comfortable like the people here have been doing. I know that staying with my brother will help me adjust to a new home much easier. We get along so well and I like having just dogs around, so hopefully you have a dog only household. Won’t you take a chance on us? Come on out to the kennel to meet me! HW: Negative

Name:Neera (female)
Breed:Boston Terr/chihuahua mix - female
Size:11.5 lbs.
D.O.B:December 24, 2013
Ready:Ready (would like to adopt with Oddie)
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Neera's Success Story