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My motto and name reflect the song by the music group, Journey….’Don’t Stop Believing’… as I won’t stop believing that there is the perfect family or single human out there who is looking for a forever fella in their life. Gonna be a great ride with us, as we learn more about life together and get to explore the finer things, like sunsets at the beach while we dine on some roasted chicken on a big beach blanket, rides through the coffee house as I get my cup of whipped cream and you get a latte and curled up on the couch on a rainy afternoon snoozing while we watch an old movie. I must get through my heartworm treatments, then I will have the best energy for a mountain hike or play dates at the park. Either way, I believe that the best of my life is yet to come – can’t wait for you to be a daily part of it!

HW: Positive

Name:Journey (male)
Breed:Black Mouth Cur/Mix
Size:33 lbs
D.O.B:February 24, 2017
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