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Hi.  I’m Chichi.  I’m here at Paws Place through no fault of my own.  You see, my dad died and my mom wasn’t well enough to take care of me.  They told PP that I was a Shih Tzu mix, but the people here think I may be a pekinese mix.  Does it really matter – I’m adorable.  If you do the math, I’m definitely a senior.  Aside from a few bad teeth (which have been taken care of) I’m a healthy dog for a man my age.  I’m active, affectionate and like to get out and go for a nice walk.  If you are looking for a dog that can keep you company wherever you go, I’m your man.  Let’s talk.

Name:ChiChi (male)
Breed:Black/Tan Shih Tzu Mix
Size:11 lbs.
D.O.B:April 4, 2009
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