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Wilson Pickett

Hi everyone! My name is Wilson Pickett! Funny name huh? Well I’m a funny boy so it fits! I’m just an all around happy boy all  the time. Nothing can get me down. I’ve been down on my luck as you can see I came in with heartworms, skin problems, I was completely emaciated, and I’m still just hungry all of the time. But the people here at Paws Place are here to turn my luck around. Maybe you can be the extra special someone to make me really lucky! I am so sweet to everyone that meets me, but I’m not so sure about other dogs. I do love my blankets though! Give me a blanket and I will be your best friend! If I’m happy now, can you imagine how happy I’ll be when I’m at my best? Won’t you come give me a chance? HW: Positive

Name:Wilson Pickett (male)
Size:48 lbs
D.O.B:August 3, 2012
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