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BosleyName: Bosley
Breed: Hound – male – neutered
Age: Approx. DOB 1/1/2012
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Avail: February
Info: I was found abandoned in Boiling Spring Lakes. They figured that I was out on my own for a while. I currently have a mouth infection probably from trying to find stuff to eat. So I am on antibiotics. We are definitely trying to put some meat on my bones. Once we do that, we can then get on with the business of treating me for heartworms. Paws Place will take care of these needs so that my adoptive family won’t have to. I hope that you will think about adopting me and letting me show you how loving and gentle I can be.

Romeo & Oreo 3-12-2015Romeo Oreo 2

Name: Oreo & Romeo
Breed: Male lab mix puppies
Age: Approx. D.O.B. 1/15/2015
Size: Approx. 40-50 lbs
Avail: Mid–April after neuter
Info: Our names are Oreo and Romeo. We were found stranded in a county park when we were just 6 weeks old. The couple that found us tried to find our owner, but were unsuccessful so they brought us to Paws Place. Everyone loves puppies right?!? – So we don’t understand why we were abandoned, but we know we are darn cute! We are receiving all of our age appropriate shots. Before we are adopted we will also have been neutered and microchipped. You can come visit us any day from 9 a.m. – noon. Just ask for the cute black and white puppies.


Hunter 7Name: Hunter
Breed: Hound mix – Female
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 4/2013
Size: Approx. 42lbs.
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: I was found at Veteran’s Park in September by a kind lady. She did everything she was supposed to try to find my owner, but no luck. What she discovered was that I was house trained, good with children and also other dogs. It was at that time that she named me Hunter. She then contacted Paws Place for help. Since then, I have been to the vets and have been given a clean bill of health. I’m just waiting to be spayed. I really loved the attention that I got when I was around children. It would be so wonderful to have a family of my own. Come meet me at Paws Place. Maybe I can come home with you.

Name: Paige
Breed: Lab mix – female – spayed
Age: Approx. D.O.B. 11-11-2013
Size: Approx. 45 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: I was found in the median of a highway laying on a plastic bag. Unfortunately, I can’t tell anyone how I got there, but they could see that I was injured and severely underweight. My rescuers took me in and nurtured me. I was treated for abrasions, and a torn ACL and was also diagnosed with heartworms. But the good news is that I had surgery for the ACL and am undergoing HW treatment. I get along well with other dogs, and I am really good natured with puppies. Come on out to visit me. Ask for the pretty brown dog with the light eyes!

DollyName: Dolly L.
Breed: Beagle – female – spayed
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 6/22/2010
Size: 35 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Well, hello Dolly! I’m as friendly and outgoing as they come. Unfortunately, my family had a divorce and they couldn’t keep me, so here I am. I am very good with children, people, dogs. I’m even tolerant enough to be dressed in a tutu! I am ready to be a loyal, loving member of a forever family. Don’t you want to come home and sing “Hello Dolly” to me?




Name: Georgie
Breed: Redbone Hound – female – spayed
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 10/2012
Size: Approx. 50 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: They say I’m a work in progress – I guess that is true. You see, I was on death row at the county shelter and Paws Place came to the rescue. I had been shot in the leg and was severely emaciated. It took a while to get me onto the road to recovery but by mid December I was well on my way. Then I was spayed and I had severe complications from the surgery and I almost died. But, I knew that there was some good things out there waiting for me and I really wanted to find out what they were.

I do like to snuggle and definitely love belly rubs. I am almost housebroken and get along with other dogs and children. I really like to run, but I don’t think I’m supposed to do that when I’m on leash – but I’m trying!
We have a trainer who is working with me to help me to feel more secure when I am outside. I will need someone who is very patient and kind. I’m in a very special foster home, but sure would like to have my forever home. Can we make a date to meet?

DudleyName: Dudley
Breed: Beagle mix – male – neutered
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 1/3/2009
Size: 25 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: My name is Dudley and I came to Paws Place in a round about sort of way. A family rescued me from a county shelter and brought me home to be part of their family. But apparently they didn’t check with the other four legged animals in the house. They wanted no part of me. I was very sad because I thought I now had regular playmates. I am about 4 years old, less than 25 lbs and still quite playful. I do get along with other pets, but the people at Paws Place recommend that we should meet first. So what do say – should we set up a play date?






Name: Anna & Elsa
Breed: Feist mix – female – spayed
Age: approx.. d.o.b. 6/1/2014
Size: approx. 25 lbs.
Avail: Ready  (Adoption pending for Elsa)
Info: We were found on the street and sent to a county shelter. We were then taken to Paws Place. Since our arrival we have been brought up to date on shots and have already been spayed and microchipped. We are both fun loving puppies. People love to watch us play. We are fairly small in size, maybe you will have room in your heart and home for us.

HaleyName: Haley
Breed: Shepherd/collie mix – female – spayed
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 1/15/2010
Size: approx. 55 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: We were part of the hoarding situation that was found by the Brunswick Co. Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services in Shallotte. Paws Place came and took several of us to come to their shelter. Since our arrival, we have been fully vetted and have also been spayed and microchipped. The vet also thinks that I am older than Holly by about two years. So I may even be her mom! I also love the attention of people and having the opportunity to play with the other dogs. Come on out to meet us.

Baby 4-2014Name: Baby
Breed: Beagle mix - female, spayed
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 1-9-2008
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info:  My elderly owners couldn’t care for me any more so after I was at the County Shelter the people of Paws Place brought me to their kennel. My former owners spoiled me so I’m used to being an only dog.  We worked on getting me nice and healthy. Paws Place started by helping me lose weight!  I was also treated for heartworms –  now I’m good as new.   I’m a real “lovebug” especially when you rub my belly.  If you need a walking buddy – I could be your girl – just call my name “Baby.”

LadyName: Lady
Breed: Beagle mix – female – spayed
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 1/20/2014
Size: approx. 30 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: I’m Lady, a one year old beagle mix. My owner went off to school and realized that she didn’t have time for me, so here I am. I’m smallish, about 30 lbs, and I can be a cuddler as well as have lots of energy. I get along with most dogs, but I’m not too thrilled with cats. Of course, if you have another dog and you think you might want to adopt me, it would be a good idea for us to meet first. So come on out and ask for the little Lady.

Velvet 7-2014Name: Velvet
Breed: Lab-Pit mix – female
Size: Approx. 55 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 2/2005
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: I’ve spent most of my life here at Paws Place. I was found chained to a tree and I had no clue as to what life could be like. I think they gave me the name so people would realize that I can be soft as velvet when given the chance. Sometimes I act a little tough when you go by my kennel. But that’s an act – I am a real marsh mellow when I am out and about. I am very affectionate and loving and love to go on walks. I know that the right person or family is out there for me. We just haven’t found each other yet! Come out to Paws Place to meet me.

Marley 4Name: Marley
Breed: Lab mix – male – neutered
Age: Approx. D.O.B. 3/1/2014
Size: Approx. 60 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: I was adopted from Paws Place last year by a loving older couple. Everything was great. Then they moved from their home that had a fenced in yard. Then their daughter was coming to live with them and she had a new baby. All of a sudden, they didn’t have time for me. I’m a good boy, but I do have a lot of energy. After all, I’m still a pup. I love to fetch the ball and I even bring it back. I am housebroken and I love everyone. Stop on by and let’s play together.


Breed: Shepherd mix – female
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 11/1/2014
Size: approx. medium size at maturity
Avail: early February
Info: There were 3 of us that were turned in to a shelter by our owner who couldn’t care for us.  We are now at Paws Place where we are getting lots of TLC and making sure that we get all of our shots.  We are healthy and active – just like puppies are supposed to be.  Come on out to meet us.


Name: Tess
Breed: Red Tick Coonhound – female – spayed
Age: Approx. 4-5 yrs.
Size: 65 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info:   Tess is approximately 4-5 years old and is up to date on shots, spayed, micro chipped an good with other dogs her own size.  She does not do well with smaller dogs or cats.
She was rescued from an animal shelter and delivered and nurtured a litter of puppies.  Tess was a wonderful mom.  Then attention needed to be focused on Tess.  She needed surgery and then it was discovered that she had heartworms.  She was treated and we are happy to say that 6 months later she is free and clear.   Tess does best in a home environment.  A fenced in yard would be ideal, but even better would be a family that is active and would walk or run with her regularly.

Name:  Tybee
Breed:  Shepherd/lab mix – female – spayed
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2005
Size:  Approx. 55 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:  Check out these ears – don’t you think the one that flops is cute?  That alone should call attention to me.  I wish I could figure out how to get people to consider me for adoption.  I’ve been here at Paws Place for quite some time, and it hurts to see other dogs come and go.  We know that I used to get along with cats and while I get along with dogs here, we would have to have a meet & greet if you have another dog.  I can be a little shy when you first come to my kennel.  My friends here at PP think that I would do really well with one person.  I’m very loving and loyal.   Last year I had ACL surgery and I’ve recovered nicely.  One of my favorite things to do is to go for a walk on my leash.  What do you say – give me a chance at a real home again – it’s been a while.  Come see me at Paws Place and get to know me.


Millie 2013Name: Millie
Breed: Bull Dog/Boxer mix – female
Size: 60 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB–4/2012
Avail: ready for adoption (special needs)
Info: I was so grateful when I was rescued from a neglectful situation and brought to Paws Place. But that was more than a year ago. Since then I’ve seen other dogs come and go, but I’m still here. I’ve got a lot of love to give and can’t wait to give it to that special someone. I’m a bulldog/boxer mix who is healthy and ready to go.  I have a dominant personality, so if you have another dog, we would have to meet first.  Volunteers have been teaching me proper manners and how to walk on a leash. Come out and visit me and find out why I’m so special – tell them you want to see the cute white dog!


Name: Rufus, KC & Eddie
Breed: Shepherd/retriever & ? mix – male
Age: D.O.B. 12-27-2014
Size: approx. size at maturity – large
Avail: Mid-march (Adoption pending for Rufus, KC and Eddie)
Info: These special pups were born to a mother(about 45 lbs) who was rescued at Thanksgiving and had a surprise delivery after Christmas. They are as cute as buttons and love attention. They will be up to date on all appropriate shots, on HW preventative, flea & tick preventative and also microchipped when they leave PP to go to their forever homes! Interested – come meet them in person.

TessieName: Tessie
Breed: Plott Hound mix–female
Size: Approx. 35 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 4/1/2012
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: I was found in Castle Hayne by some kind person.  She knew I needed help and took me to the vet and had me checked out and then brought me to Paws Place.  I was heartworm positive when I arrived, but I’m free and clear now!   I am so grateful to have people take care of me and feed me. I can’t imagine what it would have been like during those real cold nights in the winter.  I just love the attention I get from everyone.   I really love people and I’m the perfect size, not too big and not too little!  I wonder what it would be like to live in a home with nice people that would take care of me – maybe a fenced in yard?  Can we find out?

Shelby 7-2014Name:  Shelby
Breed:  Blue Tick Hound mix – female – spayed
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2006
Size:  Approx. 65 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:    Everyone says that I’m the perfect dog. I’m housebroken and know the basic rules of the house. Our volunteers say that I’m very loving  – I really do love people. Some dogs I might get along with, but it just depends – just like with people! I’m now considered a senior – it’s only a number! I’m healthy and I still have lots of pep in my step and love to go for walks. Come learn more about me.  The kennel is open every day from 9-noon, so you can come meet me any day!

John Boy 5-3-204Name:  John Boy
Breed:  Hound mix – male – neutered
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2011
Size:  65 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:    I’m named John Boy and I’ve been around a few blocks. In fact, I was found running on one on Oak Island. The good news is I am very smart and gentle. The people here say I have an ‘old soul’. But hey, I’m only two. What’s so old about that? Anyway, I arrived with heartworms and am being treated for that. What else? Oh, the humans here will tell you that I’m clever enough to open a gate. Busted. So, if you want me to stay in the yard, you’ll have to be smarter than me! However, if you want to give me a loving, happy home, I’m smart enough to stay right there. In my dreams, when I go to sleep at night, I’ll hear my human say “Good night, John Boy.” Can’t wait for the real thing!

Name: Holly
Breed: Shepherd/collie mix – female – spayed
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 1/15/2012
Size: approx. 55 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: We were part of the hoarding situation that was found by the Brunswick Co. Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services in Shallotte. Paws Place came and took several of us to come to their shelter. Since our arrival, we have been fully vetted and have also been spayed and microchipped. What I like best is that I actually get to run and play with the other dogs here. It is so much fun. I also get to play with lots of people too. I had no idea what life could be like outside a cage – it’s wonderful.

Name:  Drake
Breed: Lab/Greyhound mix, male, neutered, heartworm negative
Age:  DOB–5/2010
Size:  Approx. 50 lbs.
Avail: Available for adoption
Info:  My owner was a college student who left me with his mother when he went off to school. I missed him terribly and she thought about bringing me to the pound.  When I first arrived I needed to put on weight.  They treated me very nicely and I started to calm down and I feel much better.  I started to play with a friend.  Then all of a sudden I had to have emergency stomach surgery.  It was very scary, but once again I got all the TLC I needed and am fully recovered.  I am on a special diet and medicine.   I still miss my man owner and would like another one to come and get me.  Is there someone out that for me that can be patient and understanding .  Please come out and visit me at Paws Place – you will see me running in my kennel with my big stuffed toy – I love that thing!

Name: Valentine
Breed: Hound mix – female
Age: Approx. DOB 1/2011
Size: Approx. 45 lbs.
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: On Valentine’s Day this lady found me frightened all alone by the railroad tracks. She brought me to Paws Place and that’s how I got my name. (I guess it must be hard sometimes coming up with new names). I’m learning how to walk on a leash and am getting used to people.   I would probably get along with another dog – I’m more than willing to try to find out.  Do you have room in your heart for an early “Valentine?”

Paws Place charges an adoption fee of $175.00 for dogs up to the age of seven; for dogs seven years and older our fee is $75.
These fees help to defray the costs of food, shelter, heartworm treatment, flea and tapeworm control, medical care and spay/neuter for the animals.   100% of the adoption fees are used for the benefit of the animals.   We require a Pre-Adoption Application to be submitted for the adoption of each of our animals.

Courtesy Listings

Courtesy listings are pets that are available for adoption through private individuals.  These dogs are not at Paws Place, and we cannot assume any responsibility for the breed, temperment or health of the animals.   We have agreed to list these animals on our website to assist the kind people who have rescued them in finding forever homes.  If you are interested in adopting any dogs listed here, please contact the individuals directly.

ShoeshineThis is Shoeshine, he is a 1 1/2 year old Beagle, he has had all his shots, he is microchipped, he is house trained, and can follow simple commands such as sit and lay. He is slightly food aggressive but I am working on him and he has gotten better since I found.  If you are interested in adopting this young boy, please contact Peri Warren 910-528-0627.