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Baby - Jan 2014 arrivalName: Baby
Breed: Beagle mix - female, spayed
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 1-9-2008
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info:  All I want is a home to love me.  My owner (who was elderly) couldn’t care for me any more so they surrendered me.  I’m a super girl – knows how to behave in the house and I REALLY love belly rubs.  If you are looking for a walking partner – I’m your girl!

Hope with her new wheels! 2-27-2014Name: Hope
Breed: Heinz 57- Female
Size: Approx. 30 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 7-1-2013
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info:  Hope was partially paralyzed after being hit by a car. Unfortunately, weeks went by before she was rescued and brought to a vet for medical attention. Her rescuer realized that she needed a lot more help than they could provide, so contacted Paws Place.  Since then she has thrived and is currently in a foster home. She has special needs but is affectionate, active, and extremely friendly. She was recently fitted for  wheels to help her get around.  Hope has very special needs and will need a very special family.  If you think that is you, please contact us  at Paws Place.

Belle 3-8-2014Name: Belle
Breed: Plott Hound – Female
Size: Approx. 50 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 10-2010
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: I am so happy that a Paws Place volunteer found me.  I don’t know how much longer I could have survived on my own.  I was starving and had a raging infection in my mouth due to broken teeth and gum disease.  So since my arrival, I had a total check up.  It was determined that I needed to have surgery on my mouth to help get rid of the infection.  Two surgeries later, I’m a happy camper and have gained 10 lbs.!  In spite of all that I’ve been through, I love the fact that I am being taken care of and that people love me.  I haven’t stopped wagging my tail since I got here.   Because of my prior surgeries,  we are going to wait until December to spay me.  They also said that I am HW positive.  I have already started the protocol to treat it.  I love to run and I would need a family that would be willing to get me lots of exercise.  Come on out to visit.

Chloe (2) 3-11-2014Name: Chloe
Breed: Pug/Chihuahua mix- Female
Size: 10 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 3-1-2010
Avail: Ready end of March after spaying
Info: I’m a pug/chihuahua mix and we think I’m about 4 yrs old. I arrived at Paws Place after being rescued from a backyard breeder. He had way too many dogs. I’ve had a litter or two, but once I am spayed I will be finished being a mama. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m pretty good at nurturing, but I think I would like a little “me” time. I could get used to this people thing. I’m a little shy at first, but then I start to warm up to people. Since I weigh less than 10 lbs it’s easy to hold me! Since I arrived, I have been given so much attention. Come out to visit me and see if I would make a good addition to your family.

Colby aloneName: Colby
Breed: Pug/Chihuahua mix–male
Size: 4 lbs. (10 lbs at maturity)
Age: Approx. DOB 12-1-2013
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: Hi, I’m Colby. I came from the same situation as Chloe. There is a possibility that Chloe is my mama, but truthfully no one knows for sure. I am about 4 months old, pug mix and up-to-date on shots. Where I came from there weren’t a lot of people paying attention to me, so I can be a little shy around people. Since my arrival at Paws Place, I am learning how nice people can be and when I see someone come near my kennel, I get all excited and want the attention. At maturity I will probably be less than 10 lbs.  My sister Chelsea was recently adopted.  Now it’s my turn.  How about it?

Ruger (2) 2-22-2014Name: Ruger
Breed: Lab Mix–Male
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 2/2010
Avail: Ready now for adoption end of March
Info:  AWESOME fellow! He walks very well on a leash and knows how to sit & shake. But most of all, he just wants to hug and kiss everybody – super Lovebug!  Don’t miss out on this very special dog.

Name: Dixie
Breed: Fox hound mix – female
Size: 30 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB–8/2012
Avail: ready for adoption
Info: I was brought to Paws Place in the winter with my 2 sisters. We all found homes, but mine couldn’t keep me. Their family situation changed and so they brought me back to Paws Place. I’m now a year old – still a puppy – and I’ve got lots of energy! Paws Place has made sure that I’m up to date on my shots, I’m HW negative and have been spayed.  Right now I’m a little thin at 30 lbs – we think that I should be about 40 lbs when I’m full grown. I really love people and especially kids. A family with a fenced in yard would be just perfect for me. Why not stop by Paws Place to see me!

Mama 2-14-2014Name: Mama Lara
Breed: Shepherd/Lab mix– female, spayed
Size: 75 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB–3/1/2008
Avail: ready for adoption
Info: Some people call me Mama and some Lara. It doesn’t matter to me, at least I know  I have a name! It’s been a journey, but so happy that through efforts of many people, I found my way to Paws Place with my four puppies. I was very protective of them because I raised them on my own out in the woods. One by one, my puppies found loving homes and I was able to be a little more relaxed. Volunteers have been very patient with me – I didn’t even know what a leash was. Now, I look forward to when I go for walks and I even wag my tail when I see people come into the kennel. I frighten easily and I still have a long way to go, but I have a good soul that just needs a person or family that will have patience with me. My tests show that I am HW positive, but Paws Place will take care of my medical treatment. Please come visit me and give me a chance at a real home!

Name:  Tybee
Breed:  Shepherd/lab mix – female – spayed
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2005
Size:  Approx. 55 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:  Check out these ears – don’t you think the one that flops is cute?  That alone should call attention to me.  I wish I could figure out how to get people to consider me for adoption.  I’ve been here at Paws Place for quite some time, and it hurts to see other dogs come and go.  We know that I used to get along with cats and while I get along with dogs here, we would have to have a meet & greet if you have another dog.  I can be a little shy when you first come to my kennel.  My friends here at PP think that I would do really well with one person.  I’m very loving and loyal.   Last year I had ACL surgery and I’ve recovered nicely.  One of my favorite things to do is to go for a walk on my leash.  What do you say – give me a chance at a real home again – it’s been a while.  Come see me at Paws Place and get to know me.

MarcoPoloBuddy_DSC2709Name: Marco Polo
Breed: Lab/Pit mix – male
Size: 70 lbs.
Age: Approx. D.O.B. Jan 2009
Avail: ready for adoption
Info: I don’t know how long I was out and about on my own, but I sure feel lucky that I ended up here.  I found my way to Paws Place because someone put an old collar on my neck that had Paws Place tags on it.  When I arrived I was taken to the vet, given all my shots and then we found out that I am HW positive.  I’ve been started on the protocol to treat me.  I’m housebroken and a really good natured dog who loves people.  If you give me a chance and come visit me at Paws Place, I know I will leave paw prints on your heart!

Millie 2013Name: Millie
Breed: Bull Dog/Boxer mix – female
Size: 35 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB–4/2012
Avail: ready for adoption (special needs)
Info: My name is Millie. Thank goodness for a volunteer from Paws Place.  She heard me crying all of the time in a nearby apartment and recognized that I needed help.  She was able to get me released to Paws Place and boy am I happy.  They say I’m a special needs pup.  I think that’s because I don’t hear so well and I have a deformed rear foot.  But neither one of them stops me from being a loving pooch. I also get around okay.  They think that I am a bulldog/boxer mix and am just about one year old.  I’ve been spayed and have all my shots and I am about 35 lbs.    I am so excited to be here and to be around people who care and other dogs that like to play.   Some of the volunteers have been spending extra time with me and I am walking nicely on a leash and learning different commands.   I know that special someone is out there for me.  Hopefully they will come on out to Paws Place and bring me home with them.

Name: Tessie
Breed: Plott Hound mix–female
Size: Approx. 35 lbs
Age: Approx DOB 4/1/2012
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: I was found in Castle Hayne by some kind person.  She knew I needed help and took me to the vet and had me checked out and then brought me to Paws Place.  The vet says I am heartworm positive and they have started me on the protocol for treatment.  If things go according to plan, when I am retested in 6 months I should be heartworm free!   I am so grateful to have people take care of me and feed me. I can’t imagine what it would have been like during those real cold nights in the winter.  I just love the attention I get from everyone.   I really love people and I’m the perfect size, not too big and not too little!  I wonder what it would be like to live in a home with nice people that would take care of me – maybe a fenced in yard?  Can we find out?

Name: Maggie
Breed: Pitt Bull mix – female
Size: 35 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 8/12
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info:  I am an owner surrender.  I don’t think he really had time for me, because he didn’t spend any time training me and teaching me right from wrong – after all – I am a puppy and I do like to explore.  I was kept outside, so Paws Place thinks that it would be a good idea for me to be crate trained, until I know the rules of the house. One of the first things you notice about me are my pretty green eyes.  Then you notice that I am really quite calm for a puppy.   I really enjoy playing with children.  What do you think – can we play together???  Stop by Paws Place and let’s talk!

Shelby 10-2013-2Name:  Shelby
Breed:  Blue Tick Hound mix – female – spayed
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2006
Size:  Approx. 65 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:    My name is Shelby and I’m a female hound mix, up to date on my shots and weigh about 65 lbs.  and almost 7 years old. But don’t let the gray around my muzzle fool you.  I am a real “people” dog – a love bug really! I’ve been here for a year now.  I’m hoping that my new family comes along soon.   When I wag my tail my whole body wags with it.  I’m looking to spend my life with a family who will take me on walks, and let me run around and play in their enclosed yard.  I’m a mature girl who knows how to behave in a home.  Come
check me out.

Sugar 9-2013Name:  Sugar Pie
Breed:  Blue Tick Hound mix – female – spayed
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2006
Size:  Approx. 65 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:    I was born here at Paws Place.  When I was born they treated me like a princess.  I was hand fed by volunteers, and I grew accustomed to being around people and being very loving and affectionate.  I’ve had the occasion to be in someone’s home for a short time, but never for a long while. I wonder what that would be like.  It sure would be kind of nice to get out of this heat and always be comfortable no matter what the weather.  I know how to behave myself and not go to the bathroom in the house.   I really love people.  Come and visit me at Paws Place and see if we make a good match.

John Boy 5-14-2013Name:  John Boy
Breed:  Hound mix – male – neutered
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2011
Size:  65 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:    I’m named John Boy and I’ve been around a few blocks. In fact, I was found running on one on Oak Island. The good news is I am very smart and gentle. The people here say I have an ‘old soul’. But hey, I’m only two. What’s so old about that? Anyway, I arrived with heartworms and am being treated for that. What else? Oh, the humans here will tell you that I’m clever enough to open a gate. Busted. So, if you want me to stay in the yard, you’ll have to be smarter than me! However, if you want to give me a loving, happy home, I’m smart enough to stay right there. In my dreams, when I go to sleep at night, I’ll hear my human say “Good night, John Boy.” Can’t wait for the real thing!

Name:  Wesley– male – neutered
Breed:  Corgi/Jack Russell mix
Age:   Approx. DOB 5/2011
Size:   Approx. 20 lbs.
Avail:  Available for adoption
Info:   Hello, my name is Wesley. I look very serious, but I am actually quite shy. I had a tough childhood and I’m just trying to figure out if being with these nice people at Paws Place means most people are nice to dogs. Is it true? I’m going to have a hard time trusting that with children, so will be happiest in a home with just, maybe, another smallish dog.  The vet says I am good to go, so I’m hoping I just had a bad start and it doesn’t always have to be that way. Can you teach me to believe?

Name:  Casper– male – neutered
Breed:  Corgi/Jack Russell mix
Age:   Approx. DOB 2/2011
Size:   Approx. 20-25 lbs.
Avail:  Available for adoption
Info:    I’m Casper, Wesley’s brother. We did have a not so great home before but the people here tell me that’s not the way it normally is. Really? Wow. I survived before by staying under the radar, but I can act tough if the big dogs give me a hard time. I had to. Sigh. I’d really like to not have to do that anymore. Do you have a home where I can just be sweet me? Oh, no kids please. Long story, but sit me down over a bowl of kibble and I’ll tell you all about it. Or not. Your call.  I’m ready to be called good boy.

Name:  Drake
Breed: Lab/Greyhound mix, male, neutered, heartworm negative
Age:  DOB–5/2010
Size:  Approx. 50 lbs.
Avail: Available for adoption
Info:  My owner was a college student who left me with his mother when he went off to school. I missed him terribly and she thought about bringing me to the pound.  When I first arrived I needed to put on weight.  They treated me very nicely and I started to calm down and I feel much better.  I started to play with a friend.  Then all of a sudden I had to have emergency stomach surgery.  It was very scary, but once again I got all the TLC I needed and am fully recovered.  I am on a special diet and medicine.   I still miss my man owner and would like another one to come and get me.  Is there someone out that for me that can be patient and understanding .  Please come out and visit me at Paws Place – you will see me running in my kennel with my big stuffed toy – I love that thing!

Wheelie 7Name:  Wheelie
Breed: Walker hound mix
Age:  Approx. DOB 4/1/2006
Size:  Approx. 65 lbs.
Avail: Ready and waiting
Info: Hi, I’m Wheelie, and I do have a free wheeling  personality. I can also be calm and love humans. My beginnings were sad. I was shot and abandoned and I was brought to Paws Place in 2007. In fact, I almost lost my leg, but thanks to the super nice people here, I got the best medical treatment and am back on all fours. Apparently, I still have a little buckshot in my back leg, but it doesn’t phase me. I’m very gentle and sociable. I really like it here – especially when they ask “Want a hot dog?” (Duh.) But really, I’d like a quiet place where I could just curl up at my human’s feet and relax. I walk well on a leash – maybe we could even go for evening strolls! Does this sound like you?

Name:  Laurel – female – spayed
Breed:  Corgi/Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix
Approx. DOB 6/2008
Approx. 23 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:   My name is Laurel and this is my second rescue home. I came from Pender County Animal Control. No offense, but these guys here rock in comparison. I’m a little worried that I’m going to keep bouncing around. The other dogs say there is something called a forever home, but I haven’t seen one yet. I did have heartworms, but they’re gone now. Yay!  Back to that forever home thing. I don’t ask much, but it would be really cool if there were another small pup around to teach me the ropes. Look at my tail. It’s born to wag! Do you have one of those forever homes for me? Pretty please?

Name: Holly
Breed: Hound mix – female – spayed
Age:  Approx. DOB 9/2009
Size:  Approx. 55 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:  I’m named Holly because I was found on the highway on Christmas Eve. Have you ever faced the idea of having Christmas alone? Let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Although I am! If I were a boy, they probably would have named me David Bowie because I have one blue eye and one brown eye. Pretty cool, huh?  Okay, I can be a bit of a princess with other dogs but I’m a darling with humans. I’m told I’m a very good girl. I like it when they say that. May I show you? Can I be your good girl?

Name: Valentine
Breed: Hound mix – female
Age: Approx. DOB 1/2011
Size: Approx. 35 lbs.
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: On Valentine’s Day this lady found me frightened all alone by the railroad tracks. She brought me to Paws Place and that’s how I got my name. (I guess it must be hard sometimes coming up with new names). I’m learning how to walk on a leash and am getting used to people.   I would probably get along with another dog – I’m more than willing to try to find out.  Do you have room in your heart for an early “Valentine?”

Clifford 9Name: Clifford
Breed: Hound mix – male
Age: Approx. DOB 1/2013
Size: Approx. 35 lbs.
Avail: Ready for adoption end February after neutering
Info: Boy it sure was cold out there behind the grocery store in Leland.  I’m glad I was found and brought to Paws Place.  Since I arrived, I have been given so much attention.  I just melt when people pet me and show me love.  We think I would make a great pet for a family with kids – if you think that description fits you – come on out and visit me.

Paws Place charges an adoption fee of $165.00 for dogs up to the age of seven; for dogs seven years and older our fee is $75.
These fees help to defray the costs of food, shelter, heartworm treatment, flea and tapeworm control, medical care and spay/neuter for the animals.
100% of the adoption fees are used for the benefit of the animals.   We require a Pre-Adoption Application to be submitted for the adoption of each of our animals.

Courtesy Listings

Courtesy listings are pets that are available for adoption through private individuals.  These dogs are not at Paws Place, and we cannot assume any responsibility for the breed, temperment or health of the animals.   We have agreed to list these animals on our website to assist the kind people who have rescued them in finding forever homes.  If you are interested in adopting any dogs listed here, please contact the individuals directly.

Charlie 5Charlie is a 1 year old brindle bull dog mix. He weighs about 45 lbs. He is UTD on all shots. Neutered, micro chipped. Charlie gets along with kids, cats, and dogs. Charlie was bottle fed as a puppy. Seeking an active family that will take him on long walks and to the dog park. Charlie has lots of puppy energy. Prefer a household with fenced in back yard.

Please contact Shelly Duncan at 910-617-6988 to set up interview for adoption.

Dakota & Ollie 3-10-2014Dakota and Ollie have been with me since they were both puppies. Dakota , a 3 yr old female Black Lab was rescued from someone that didn’t want to use her as a hunting dog; Ollie, a 2yr old female Border Collie Mix was rescued from the side of the road. Dakota and Ollie have spent the past 2 years together and they love each other. They are extremely loyal, lovable, love to play, go out for runs and full of energy. They both love kids and they play very well with other dogs and when it comes time for bed, they aren’t shy to jump on the bed and cuddle next to you for the entire night! Dakota warms up to everyone very fast, Ollie takes a bit longer but once she does, she will never leave your side. They are both up to date with all their vaccines and were just tested for heart worm and were negative. Unfortunately due to some life changes, I am unable to spend as much time with them as I used to. I’ve given them a great life and it is one of the toughest decisions of my life to see them go but they deserve more time. They are my best friends so I am looking for a loving family for my two awesome dogs. I would prefer if they stay together since they are very attached to each other. Please contact me Andres at:  aduquefl310@gmail.com or call: 704-298-9891.

California dogHello! My name is Zara. I am a 4-year-old female Staffordshire Terrier. I was hit by a car a few months ago, so I’ve had some injuries and minor surgeries. But my friends at the rescue have been helping me get better and now I’m ready to find my forever home! I am gentle and quiet. I like to play sometimes, but most of the time I’m pretty mellow. I will not run away from you or dart out the door when you open it. Even when I am off leash, I just really want to walk right next to you. I never use the bathroom inside (gross!) I love kitties and other dogs! Sometimes I’m a little shy around strangers, but be patient and I will come out of my shell.

Since I was hit by that car, I drag my paws a little bit and sometimes I lose my balance. But I LOVE to walk on the beach because the sand helps me gain my footing. This is why my rescuers are trying to find me a home in the Wilmington area.  So if you like to go to the beach, please take me with you!! I have to wear shoes when I go for long walks on pavement, which is annoying, but at least it keeps my paws from getting scraped up. (And I look pretty cool too!) Please email hollywooftotherescue@gmail.com for more information about me.   Or call Angela 919-723-8425.  By the way, did you know I’m a YouTube star.  Check out my video!

Lilly 4-1-2014My name is Lilly and I’m a female pitt bull. I’ve been spayed, am up to date on my shots and weigh about 50 lbs. I’m about 4 years old, but we are not sure. I love people, kids and other dogs. I’m looking for a family who will spend lots of time with me. I love to play! My owner has three other dogs, three kids with another on the way. They just don’t have the time to give me the attention I deserve. I am looking for a family to love.  Please contact Cheryl cjmoody@ec.rr.com if you would like more information about me.