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Louise-4Name: Louise
Breed: Hound mix– female – spayed
D.O.B. Approx 8-6-2014
Size: approx. 30 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Hey folks, I’m Louise. I’m a bunch of fun and the life of the party at Paws Place. I’m a healthy one year old hound. What a great size for a lap dog, one might say! I’m in search of a partner or family to play with and go for walks with. My nose can lead the way. Did you see what a cute nose I have? I hope you’ll come meet me soon.

Laurin-11-2015Name: Laurin
Breed: Houndmix –female – spayed
D.O.B. Approx.10/1/2014
Size: 40lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: My name is Laurin. A Paws Place volunteer found me as a stray this fall in Laurinburg. I’ve been staying in foster care where they’ve found out I get along great with my foster siblings, both dogs and children. My hobbies include eating and playing. My house training has been a work in progress, but I am getting the hang of it. They say I have those yucky heartworms. Not to worry, Paws Place will cover the costs of the treatment. Do you want to meet me? I’m very affectionate. Please email Paws Place foster program at robin@pawsplace.org to set up an appointment.

Gunner-9-2015Name: Gunner
Breed: Mix breed – male – neutered
D.O.B. Approx. 4-5-2011
Size: Approx. 75 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: We would like to introduce you to Gunner. He is a 4 yr old mix breed who was adopted from PP as a young puppy. Unfortunately, his family’s situation changed drastically and we have been asked to find him a new home. Gunner is UTD on shots, neutered and weighs about 75 lbs. He is a happy boy, likes people, but can be a little shy at first and he also plays well with other dogs. We are told he loves the water and going to the beach. He had been adopted by a family that did not have children so we would recommend that he should be with a family that doesn’t have children under the age of 12. This boy deserves a chance at love again – he is here through no fault of his own.

Duchess-11-2015Name: Duchess
Breed: Lab/chow mix – female – spayed
Age: D.O.B. 7-8-2015
Size: 32 lbs.
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: They say I’m the Duchess of Paws Place. You might’ve heard about me and my siblings. Some nice ladies found us at about two weeks of age living in a tree stump in Castle Hayne. Paws Place volunteers have been fostering us ever since. Many of my siblings were sick due to the conditions and didn’t make it, but here I am. I am now about 5 months old. I’m current on my vaccines, already spayed, and microchipped. I’ve thrived in foster care and love other dogs and children. I am very smart and already have the hang of potty training. If you want a snuggly puppy as the newest addition to your family, please email Paws Place foster program at robin@pawsplace.org. I sure hope you’ll make arrangements to meet me! You’ll be glad you did.

Name: Jax
Breed: Papillion/sheltie mix – male – neutered
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 10/1/2012
Size: Approx. 33 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Check me out – I’m a great size for a lap dog! It’s believed that I might be part Papillion or Sheltie. I already knows basic commands and love walking on leash and playing with other small dogs. Although I can be a little shy at first, I think I’m pretty darn sweet and handsome too!  I’m just waiting for that special someone to call me theirs! Drop by Paws Place to meet me.

MaddieName: Maddy
Breed: Dachshund – female
D.O.B. 2010
Size: Approx. 13 lbs.
Avail: Mid Dec. after spay
Info: I have a little dachshund body, but a big sweet personality. You see, I am a new mom. I delivered five beautiful girls in September. I have been taking good care of them. Soon, I’ll be spayed and ready to go home. I’m about 5 years old. I have a flawed leg, but get around fine on it. The volunteers say I’m perfect anyway. I don’t take up much space. What do you say? Could I be your newest family member?

Beulah-2Name: Beulah
Breed: Hound mix – female – spayed
D.O.B. 2013
Size: Approx. 60lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Hi ya’ll. I’m Beulah, a sweet southern belle. I’m about 2-3 years old and weigh about 60lbs. I was found last year as a stray in Whiteville. Since then, a nice lady cared for me for about a year and surrendered me to Paws Place as she did not have time for me. Although I cannot share much about my past, I’m looking forward to a bright future. I like other dogs and am very affectionate with people. If you want a sweet gal to snuggle up with, come by Paws Place. I’ll be sure to steal your heart.

sableName: Sable
Breed: Retriever/Shepherd mix – female – spayed
Age: Approx. D.O.B. 8-29-2014
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Hi there!  I’m little Miss Sable, future world explorer.  There is so much to see and sniff.  The world is gorgeous!  Don’t you agree?  You would if you came along with me because I’ll show you all the best spots.  No rush – I don’t pull on my leash.  But be prepared to rejoice at every ant hill, leaf, bucket, brick and so on.  A walk with me is an adventure.  I am loving and considerate, sweet and gentle.  Let’s experience life together.

Wesley 7-2015Name: Wesley
Breed: Corgi/Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix – neutered
Age: D.O.B. 5/15/11
Size: Approx. 20 lbs.
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: Please don’t judge me until you really get the chance to know me. I did not have a great home life before arriving at Paws Place. A group of us came from a hoarding situation. We survived by staying under the radar and acting tough. I would really like to not do that any more. Do you have a home where I can just be me? We think I would do best in a home without children, but if would be really cool if me and Casper could be adopted together – or at least have another dog in the home to show me the ropes. I’m a little rough around the edges, but we know that I can learn to trust people again. I trust the people at Paws Place. What do you ssay – give me a chance?????

JiminyName: Jiminy
Breed: Spaniel mix – male
D.O.B. Approx. 2012
Size: 55 lbs.
Ready: Early December after neuter
Info: As you probably know by my name, I am quite a character! I found myself at Paws Place with my partner in crime, Cricket. We were strays in Columbus County. I’m energetic and charming, but have yet to master walking on leash. Volunteers are working with me though. The vet says I’m heartworm positive, but that won’t get me down. Please don’t let that keep you from meeting me, Paws Place will cover those costs for treatment. Will you give me a chance and teach me what the good life can be like?

Briggs-9-2015Name: Briggs
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier mix – male – neutered
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 8/1/2012
Size: Approx. 20 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Are you looking for a fun, active young man to join your family? Meet Briggs. Doesn’t he have the cutest little beard? He is a 20lb Jack Russel Terrier mix that is about 3 years old. He is a lap dog that loves attention. He also enjoys running with his playmates. Briggs is current on vaccines, neutered, and ready for adoption. He would love an active family to call his own.

JillName: Jill
Breed: Lab mix –female
Age: Approx. D.O.B. 5-1-2015
Size: Approx. 32 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: My name is Jill and I’m a playful little girl. I enjoyed my pool in the summertime. Now that it is cooler I just enjoy playing with the other dogs. It was recently decided that we should remove my non-visual eye. But that’s okay – I haven’t missed a beat. I’m very affectionate and I must admit my favorite thing is to be held and give lots of puppy kisses. What do you say, interested in snuggling???


Name: Bosley
Breed: Hound – male – neutered
Age: Approx. DOB 1/1/2012
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: I was found abandoned in Boiling Spring Lakes.  It seemed that I was out on my own for quite a while.  I had several health issues that were taken care of.  The last problem was my heartworms.  I’ve finished my treatments and I’ve been given a clean bill of health.  Now I am ready and raring to go.  I hope that you will think about adopting me and letting me show you how loving and gentle I can be.

Winnie-(2)-9-2015Name: Winnie
Breed: Boxer Mix – female – spayed
D.O.B. 10/1/2014
Size: Approx. 45lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Laid back sweet dog. Knows how to walk on leash and sit on command. Loves to play with other dogs and really loves people and kids. Probably do best in a home where someone is home or has another dog. Would make a great addition to a family.

Gerry-(2)-9-2015Name: Gerry
Breed: Lab mix – female – spayed
D.O.B. Approx. 2/2015
Size: Approx. 30 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: Gerry was found along with Eason on the side of a busy highway intersection. After many hours, the dogs were rescued. With lots of patience & love and a lot of dedicated individuals Gerry is blossoming into a wonderful loving dog who is ready to be adopted by a loving family. She gets along with other dogs and loves to run and play in the yard. Still a little shy, she responds to patience and positive rewards. How about giving this sweet girl a chance.

Jackson-8-2015Name: Jackson
Breed: Lab mix – male
D.O.B. Approx 8-6-2010
Size: approx. 50 lbs.
Avail: Mid-September
Info: Check out this smile! Isn’t It award winning? They call me Jackson. When I came to Paws Place I really came out of my shell. I’m making new friends in people and other dogs. Even though the vet said I am heartworm positive and I have something from those yucky ticks (Paws Place is taking care of that), I am ready and raring to go. I am a happy-go-lucky fella who is looking to share my life with a loving family.

Loretta 8-2015Name: Loretta
Breed: Rottweiler Mix
D.O.B. Appox. 8/1/2010
Size: 50 lbs.
Avail: End of October
Info: I’m the newest momma at Paws Place. My pups and I were found living under a car and timid of people. Boy, have I warmed up and have learned to trust and love people! I’m about 52lbs, 5 years old, and am a Rottweiler/Hound/Shepherd mix. Although, I have heartworms, I’m otherwise doing pretty well. Paws Place has started my pre-treatment and I’ll be spayed later this month. I’ll be ready to go home in no time. Will you teach me what it’s like to be a loved, indoor dog?

Name: Jade (female)
Breed: Rottweiler mix puppies
Size: Large – estimate at maturity between 50-65 lbs.
D.O.B. 3-24-2015
Avail: Ready
Info: We arrived from Brunswick Co. Animal Protective Services when we were just 5 days old. Mama was with us too and she has taken very good care of us. We are all very healthy and looking forward to being adopted into loving families.

Name: Shawn
Breed: Shepherd/hound – male mix – neutered
Age: Approx. D.O.B. 12/1/2014
Size: Approx. 35 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info: I’m a magical hound dog:  pure love and joy that you will feel immediately.  I am everyone’s best friend.  I play with all the dogs, romp with the kids, and follow your lead while going on walks.  I enjoying being considerate, adjusting to others’ needs, never too rough or boring.  I love outdoorsy fun.  But I’d also like to curl up at your feel and have a nice quiet family evening.  So if you are looking for magic, I promise you a miracle of the heart.

Maggie 1Name: Maggie
Breed: Pit bull mix – Female
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 8/2012
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: When you come to Paws Place ask for the “cute girl with the green eyes.” That’s me, Maggie. Yes, I’m a pit mix, but I’m really not that big – maybe about 40 lbs. My owner surrendered me when he realized he didn’t have time for me. I’m very affectionate with people and some dogs too! If you have another pet, I think we should meet first. I’m a real cuddle bug. It would be great if you had a fenced in yard where I could run around and play. What do you think – can we play together??? Stop by Paws Place and let’s talk.

Name: Georgie
Breed: Redbone Hound – female – spayed
Age: Approx. d.o.b. 10/2012
Size: Approx. 50 lbs.
Avail: Ready

I’m a little shy, but I can tell by sniffing your hand that you are a good person. I’m a good dog. Maybe we can be friends. You see, I’ve gone through some rough times. I have this great big heart, and I need someone to share it with. I do like to snuggle and definitely love belly rubs. I am very spirited and would really enjoy a big fenced in yard where I can run free. We think I would do best in a home without other dogs and older children.

I’ve had some work with a trainer to help me feel more confident. I will need someone who is very patient and kind and willing to take things slowly. I sure would like to have my forever home. Can we make a date to meet?

Name: Baby
Breed: Beagle mix – female, spayed
Size: Approx. 40 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 1-9-2008
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info:  My elderly owners couldn’t care for me any more so after I was at the County Shelter the people of Paws Place brought me to their kennel. My former owners spoiled me so I’m used to being an only dog.  We worked on getting me nice and healthy. Paws Place started by helping me lose weight!  I was also treated for heartworms –  now I’m good as new.   I’m a real “lovebug” especially when you rub my belly.  If you need a walking buddy – I could be your girl – just call my name “Baby.”

Velvet 7-2014Name: Velvet
Breed: Lab-Pit mix – female
Size: Approx. 55 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 2/2005
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: I’ve spent most of my life here at Paws Place. I was found chained to a tree and I had no clue as to what life could be like. I think they gave me the name so people would realize that I can be soft as velvet when given the chance. Sometimes I act a little tough when you go by my kennel. But that’s an act – I am a real marsh mellow when I am out and about. I am very affectionate and loving and love to go on walks. I know that the right person or family is out there for me. We just haven’t found each other yet! Come out to Paws Place to meet me.



Name: Tess
Breed: Red Tick Coonhound – female – spayed
Age: Approx. 4-5 yrs.
DOB: 12/1/2008
Size: 65 lbs.
Avail: Ready
Info:   Tess is approximately 4-5 years old and is up to date on shots, spayed, micro chipped an good with other dogs her own size.  She does not do well with smaller dogs or cats.  She was rescued from an animal shelter and delivered and nurtured a litter of puppies.  Tess was a wonderful mom.  Then attention needed to be focused on Tess.  She needed surgery and then it was discovered that she had heartworms.  She was treated and we are happy to say that 6 months later she is free and clear.   Tess does best in a home environment.  A fenced in yard would be ideal, but even better would be a family that is active and would walk or run with her regularly.

If you are interested in meeting this dog please contact Paws Place via email to info@pawsplace.org to schedule an appointment.

Name: Tessie
Breed: Plott Hound mix–female
Size: Approx. 35 lbs.
Age: Approx. DOB 4/1/2012
Avail: Ready for adoption
Info: Do you think I look funny with this blade of grass on my nose? My name is Tessie. All they wanted to do was take my picture and all I wanted to do was get closer to my friend.  My markings make it look like I have white socks on my feet although you can’t see it in this photo.  When I was rescued, I had heartworms. I’ve been retested and I’m free and clear. Yeah!  That means I’m really healthy. I am energetic and like to run around. A fenced in yard where I could play would be great. Oh, and did I tell you, I love kids! I still have some puppy in me but would be the bestest girl if you gave me a chance. I just had my third birthday – it sure would be nice if by the time my next birthday is here that I am in my forever home!

Name:  John Boy
Breed:  Hound mix – male – neutered
Age:  Approx. DOB 2/2011
Size:  80 lbs.
Avail:  Ready for adoption
Info:  I think I’m one cool dog – some may say majestic! (Just imagine the Sphinx as a hound.) But I don’t know about all that.  I’m a simple, gentle dog.  I really love kids and I think it is great when they shower me with attention.  But on the other hand, we think I would do best with older children, say 10 or above.  I do have some arthritis, so sometimes by the end of the day I may be tired and not want that much activity.  Our vets think that will change once I am regularly out of the elements.  A fenced yard would be the icing on the cake. Contact my friends at Paws Place if you think we would be a good match. I’m still dreaming and waiting to hear my human say “Good night, John Boy.”

If you are interested in meeting this dog please contact Paws Place via email to info@pawsplace.org to schedule an appointment.

Name:  Drake
Breed: Lab/Greyhound mix, male, neutered, heartworm negative
Age:  DOB–5/2010
Size:  Approx. 50 lbs.
Avail: Available for adoption
Info:  I found myself at Paws Place because my owner abandoned me at a kennel and never returned for me. It was a very sad time for me when I first arrived at Paws Place. Now I’m becoming my old self. I am starting to trust people again and I love to play with stuffed toys. We think that I’m about five years old with lots of living to do. I probably would do best in a home that didn’t have children under the age of twelve. So, when you come to visit look for the tall black dog wagging a big stuffed toy around! That’s me – saying “come visit me.”


Paws Place charges an adoption fee of $175.00 for dogs up to the age of seven; for dogs seven years and older our fee is $75.
These fees help to defray the costs of food, shelter, heartworm treatment, flea and tapeworm control, medical care and spay/neuter for the animals.   100% of the adoption fees are used for the benefit of the animals.   We require a Pre-Adoption Application to be submitted for the adoption of each of our animals.

Courtesy Listings

Courtesy listings are pets that are available for adoption through private individuals.  These dogs are not at Paws Place, and we cannot assume any responsibility for the breed, temperment or health of the animals.   We have agreed to list these animals on our website to assist the kind people who have rescued them in finding forever homes.  If you are interested in adopting any dogs listed here, please contact the individuals directly.



toby6 yr old Basset/Shepard mix
HW negative
UTD on vaccines
Great with other dogs
Low maintenance- – needs daily exercise, but not a high energy dog
Would be fine as an only dog or with a companion

If you are interested in Toby please contact Ava Werstlein, RescueConnect, 704 560 9517 (cell)


simon2 simon1

2 yrs old
Neutered, HW negative, UTD on all vaccines, microchipped
Corgi Mix
Best in a home with another playful dog
High energy, loves to run, play, wrestle with other dogs; would be a fantastic agility dog!
House broken and crate trained
Highly intelligent; not the best fit for a first time dog owner, needs a handler that will provide mental and physical challenges daily!
Due to his active nature, not recommended for a home with small dogs or children.
If interested, contact my guardians for questions. ava.whalen@hotmail.com, 704 560-9517 (cell)


My name is Rusty! I am a big boy (~ 65 lbs) and about 3 years old. My previous owner left me with a friend and then never returned for me. So I am looking for a new family that will shower me with affection. I am house trained and love other dogs and kids. I am very playful and enjoy going for walks around the neighborhood.  Please contact Kim if you would like to meet me:  Kim.williams035@yahoo.com

Bosco-10-30-2015Bosco is a 4 yr old male red tick hound who loves to be side by side with his person. He is an ideal pet for a hunter who takes his dog with him everywhere.  Bosco is loving, loyal and eager to please.  He is healthy, up to date on shots,neutered and heartworm negative.  He would love to be adopted with his mate, Marley if possible.  Please contact Jessica 704-806-4757




This is Shoeshine, he is a 1 1/2 year old Beagle, he has had all his shots, he is microchipped, he is house trained, and can follow simple commands such as sit and lay. He is slightly food aggressive but I am working on him and he has gotten better since I found.  If you are interested in adopting this young boy, please contact Peri Warren 910-528-0627.

Marley-10-30-2015Marley is a 5 yr old female shepherd mix who loves to run & play fetch. She is an ideal pet for someone with an active lifestyle. Marley is a healthy and happy girl, up to date on shots, neutered and heartworm negative. She would love to be adopted with her mate, Bosco if possible. Please contact Jessica 704-806-4757